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Japan’s Crazy Water Fun Run

The most upcoming and exciting event in Chiba Prefecture over the next couple of months has to be July’s Water Run Festival.

 This bizarre sounding fun run includes a huge amount of water guns and balloons, and this year 60,000 people are expected to take part. On top of that there’ll be music to enjoy, from bands like FlowBack and Fizzy Pop, as well as live DJs including storm and Kazuma Kawahara.

The announcers for this year seem to be just as intense. The comedic double act Anzen Manga will be joined by the winner of the world’s most beautiful transsexual competition, Haruna Love. It doesn’t stop there! There are far too many special guests to list here, some of whom won’t even be revealed until the day of the event.

There are free shirts and water guns included in the ticket price which ranges from 5,800 yen to 9,800 yen, depending on how much VIP access you’re looking for. Even if you’re buying the cheapest ticket there seems to be so much on offer at this unique way to cool off during the summer heat.

The Water Run Festival will be taking place from the 27thof July to the 28th, in the Makuhari area of Chiba.

Original source: @Press
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