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Let’s Wobbuffet!

If I start talking about Team Rocket’s famous Pokémon mascot, we all know who I mean. The adorable, charming, crafty… Wobbuffet!

It’s time for Meowth to move over, because the recent release of some new Pokémon merchandise is focusing totally on Wobbuffet, the slightly odd but always faithful sidekick to the Rocket team.

This event is bringing us plushies, T-shirts, hand towels, key holders, phone cases, mugs and even socks. It’s all super cute, and definitely the shipload of goods those very specific diehard Wobbuffet fans have been waiting for. You’ll notice some other Pokémon joining in, but look closer and you’ll realise each one is mimicking the star of the show’s iconic pose.

The special edition merchandise might only be available in Japan, but check out the Amazon store and you’ll be able to grab them from there (except for the socks, tragically).

Original source: Pokémon Japan
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