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Celebrate Tanabata with Little Twin Stars

As the way of celebrating the meeting of two lovers across the stars, the star festival of Tanabata (七夕 ) is definitely a well-known festival, even outside of Japan.
Originating in China, this festival falls on the seventh day of the seventh month (so most commonly on July 7th) every year and is, according to legend, the time when two stars (Vega and Altair) are reunited after having been separated by the vastness of the Milky Way.  Festivities take place between July and August, and typically people partake in the custom of writing their wishes on pieces of paper and tying them to a bamboo tree, in the hope that they’ll come true.

While there are the famous Tanabata festivals – like the Sendai Tanabata Matsuri – happening across Japan, one other interesting event this year is the “Little Twin Stars Milkyway Museum” down in Omotesando, Tokyo!

Starting from the 27thJune, you will be able to go and visit the exhibition which will be filled with dreamy installations, all of which reflect the heart-warming and sentimental nature of the festival. As well as this, there will be seven different photo areas and of course, adorably enticing merchandise to fawn over. From floating cotton candy masses of clouds, to glittering stars hanging from above, you’ll definitely want to get some photos as a memento of this joyous occasion.  And instead of the classic bamboo tree, the mesmerising “Star Tree” will be standing ready for you to attach your hopes and dreams to its delicate branches.

After you’ve exhausted yourself getting photos and enjoying the exhibitions, you can purchase a Kiki and Lala related drink or pancakes from the official Pompompurin café nearby, and then check out the array of limited edition goods. Keep your eye out for the Little Twin Stars mascots too; Kiki is dressed as Hikoboshi, the “cowherd star” (Altair) while Lala represents Orihime, the “weaver star” (Vega).

As you can see, this exhibition joins the perfect pastel world of Sanrio’s Kiki and Lala with the tradition of Tanabata, a combination which is sure to enchant any and all of the Museums visitors. With events like this, hopefully everyone can continue to enjoy the reunification of the legendary deities forevermore.


Source: Asahi
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