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Kimono-inspired fashion from AOI Clothing

Shopping at HYPER JAPAN is always fun and exciting, with all kinds of Japanese and Japan-inspired artists, designers, retailers and creators displaying their collections throughout the Festival.

Paris-based apparel brand, Aoi Clothing will be at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019 to showcase their unique collection based on traditional Japanese design with a splash of Paris chic.

From the super-traditional to much more modern pieces, Aoi Clothing’s carefully designed and created, kimono-based mens and ladies collections are a beautiful example of the combination of Japanese and European styles and cultures.

Whatever your taste, you will find something to catch your eye at Aoi Clothing. Take a look around Aoi’s incredible collections and bring home some stylish additions to your summer wardrobe.

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Under the artistic direction of Tatsuki Takino, AOI made himself stories to clothes. Each and every item Aoi is offered in has its own unique number. Your garment was made out of an ancient handmade silk kimono.