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Doraemon Wagashi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s hard to find a Japanese child who doesn’t like the lovable cat-robot Doraemon. In fact, chances are every Japanese child will have something Doraemon, be it a shirt or a sticker or any number of the millions of Doraemon themed products out there. Now, to make you smile, we present:

Yes, Doraemon wagashi and it’s called “Tabemasu” (食べマス) which is a portmanteau of “eat” (食べる) and “mascot” (マスコット)! Wagashi are traditional Japanese sweets, often filled with red bean paste, and usually look like this:

But now thanks to Bandai, we have not one but two versions of Doraemon wagashi! One has a golden bell

And the other version has Doraemon making heart-eyes!

We approve.

Source: @Press
[Original article in Japanese]