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HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019 saw lots of new ideas and innovations come and sit alongside the ever-popular parts of the weekend that we would never change. One of our most exciting new additions for this summer was the HYPER HADO Tournament!

HADO is a super-popular, augmented-reality sports gaming system from Japan which has been launched in the UK over the past couple of years and is steadily gaining lots of dedicated followers.

HADO was available to play all weekend for free at Festival 2019, with the HYPER HADO Tournament beginning later each day.  Over 1,100 people played HADO at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019 and 28 teams took part in the competitive HYPER HADO Tournament.

There were lots of entries to take part in the HYPER HADO Tournament and all the teams of three battled it out to take the crown in each of the Friday, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon and Sunday tournaments. The winner of each session will now go on to take part in the UK qualifying competition for the HADO World Cup in Japan.

We would like to thank everyone who was so enthusiastic about HADO and took part in any of the practice sessions or tournaments throughout Festival 2019. And, of course, we want to congratulate the four teams who won the HYPER HADO Tournament each day and wish them the best of luck as they move closer to representing the UK at the World Cup!

Friday’s HYPER HADO Winners were Sugoi Pinoy.

On Saturday’s first session, Rahmen’s Ramen took the HYPER HADO crown!

Saturday afternoon saw Project Zeus triumph in the HYPER HADO Tournament.

In Sunday’s final, and biggest yet, HYPER HADO Tournament of Festival 2019, the winners were Fighting Mongooses.