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HADO: A full-on 3v3 augmented reality blaster battle!

Sat 1
Sat 2

The call has officially gone out so gather your squad and prepare for battle, AR HADO style! The HYPER HADO Tournament, a team-based winner-take-all championship, is coming to HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019!!!

About HADO

HADO is a thrilling augmented reality sports gaming system. Incredibly popular in Japan it has recently launched in the UK and you’ll be able to participate in demos, tutorials and matches at HYPER JAPAN Festival this summer. Check out the video below to see what it looks like in action!

The HYPER HADO Tournament

The HYPER HADO Tournament will be a series of battles held once a session over the three days of Festival 2019. Teams of 3 (and up to 2 substitutes) battle it out in a bid for supremacy! The winner of each session will be invited to the UK Qualifying tournaments as well as receive some branded goodies!

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At HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019

Not the tournament type? Don’t worry, you can still check out HADO’s equipment, the best team tactics and styles of play as well as introductions to the top Japanese teams and the HADO Connect App at their HYPER JAPAN tutorials, then watch a demonstration game or have a go yourself at one of their free play sessions!

About HADO
HADO UK based at Grange Live Gaming in Birmingham is the first, of hopefully many, HADO arenas in the UK. HADO is an Augmented Reality Techno Sport, created in Tokyo, and now spreading world wide.