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A weekend of delicious food in the HYPER Kitchen

HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019 saw the launch of the HYPER Kitchen, and we couldn’t have been more pleased with how popular it became right from the start of the weekend.

The HYPER Kitchen played host to food and drink demonstrations and workshops about all kinds of different of Japanese food genres, with each chef bringing their own unique style to this new HYPER JAPAN stage and delighting the audiences with their delicious creations.

YO! Sushi brought the stage to life on Friday afternoon with the first-ever HYPER Kitchen workshop.  YO! Sushi’s talented chef showed us how to make some of their most popular tasty treats including the infamous J-Dog, classic dynamite roll and vegan-favourite inari taco.

Later on Friday afternoon Jay Morjaria took to the HYPER Kitchen stage for a fascinating demonstration of cooking skills with Clearspring. British-Japanese chef Andrew Kojima was the host of the Clearspring demonstration on Saturday where he wowed the HYPER Kitchen audience with his yummy signature dishes.

After lunch on Friday, the HYPER Kitchen was the place to be for refreshing and delicious treats thanks to the  TSUJIRI workshop.
TSUJIRI’s green tea experts showed us how to create the perfect matcha latte along with other yummy green tea based sweet bites.

HYPER JAPAN was delighted to welcome the UK’s leading Japanese cooking school, SOZAI, to the HYPER Kitchen for two sushi-based workshops. SOZAI’s incredible chefs brought Japanese cooking to life for the fascinated HYPER Kitchen audience, who took all kinds of handy hints and tips home with them.

WAGASHI Japanese Bakery were another very welcome addition to the HYPER Kitchen, bringing their beautiful and delicious creations to the very appreciative audience.
WAGASHI’s incredible artisans showed us an amazing selection of seasonal wagashi for every occasion.
These Japanese sweets were really something special and so stunning that they were almost, almost, too pretty to eat!

Friday’s HYPER Kitchen was brought to a close by Kikkoman, who were back on both Saturday and Sunday, bringing the taste of Hawaii to HYPER JAPAN with their Picnic Poke Workshop.
In the HYPER Kitchen, Kikkoman’s chefs explored the possibilities with their versatile new Poke sauce and served up some delicious samples for the hungry audience.

On Saturday and Sunday, the HYPER Kitchen hosted a fascinating seminar by Sake expert Natsuki Kikuya, whose family have a long history with this iconic Japanese drink. Natsuki introduced us to some delicious sake cocktails perfect for the summer and made with some of the sake available throughout HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019.

Miso experts, Marukome, took to the HYPER Kitchen stage to present a Miso Masterclass, showing the audience the incredible depth and range of this delicious Japanese ingredient which they have been producing and selling for over 150 years. The charming and humorous style of the Marukome Miso Masterclass filled the HYPER Kitchen on Saturday afternoon.

S&B Foods brought two delicious workshops based around Japanese comfort foods to this first HYPER Kitchen. On Saturday, the S&B Curry Workshop gave us a new take on this Japanese favourite with the curry frittata while Sunday’s Wasabi Workshop helped dispel some myths about wasabi and introduced us all to tasty wasabi dirty fries!

The HYPER Kitchen will surely be back at the next HYPER JAPAN and we look forward to welcoming more demonstrators and more of you to explore the delicious and fascinating intricacies of Japanese food in the future.