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All new shop for the JAPAN FOOD SHOW presented by Harro Foods

The JAPAN FOOD SHOW presented by Harro Foods is the place to find out the secrets behind all your favourite Japanese foods, try something new and get some great tips from food-industry experts from all over Japan.

The JAPAN FOOD SHOW has been a very popular part of HYPER JAPAN in past years and we look forward to welcoming more visitors this year to an even bigger and better show, to learn more and enjoy this incredible Japanese food showcase.


For the first time ever, the JAPAN FOOD SHOW will have an onsite shop at HYPER JAPAN where visitors can purchase some of the rare and delicious ingredients and foods produced by JAPAN FOOD SHOW exhibitors.

Many of the items on sale at the JAPAN FOOD SHOW SHOP are very unusual, and some are even making their first ever appearance on sale in the UK.
This is one of very few opportunities each year to get your hands on Vegan Pancakes, Vegetarian Gyoza, Red Shiso Liqueur, Matcha-flavoured Udon Noodles or Black Sesame Latte Powder to name just a few of the fantastic products that will be available.

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