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Take a stroll through the markets at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019

The HYPER JAPAN Market and the HYPER Fringe Market are some of the busiest parts of  HYPER JAPAN events, attracting many visitors to the unique and varied products that can often not be found anywhere else.

 Packed with interesting characters, bohemians, creators, artists and designers, the HYPER JAPAN markets have a fascinating, atmosphere where you can meet amazing people as well as find incredible items on sale from every type of exhibitor.

Take some time to really explore the HYPER JAPAN Market and the HYPER Fringe Market this summer and its sure to lead to something special. Maybe you’ll find something perfect that’s just what you’ve been looking for or maybe you’ll find someone who has a passion for the same things you do and you can chat for hours about things nobody else understands in the same way. Maybe you’ll find your niche or maybe just find a nice place to spend a few hours exploring and discovering something new.

Take s walk through the HYPER JAPAN Market and see what you find. Perhaps you’ll find something stunning to wear at Fuji Kimono, something to help you study Japanese from Hai! Hiragana or maybe something cute to cuddle at Japan Plushies.
Move on to the HYPER Fringe Market for something a little more artistic and you could pick up something handmade, beautiful, cute or just unique that takes your fancy.

While you’re at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019, make sure to keep some time aside for a leisurely visit to the HYPER Fringe Market and the HYPER JAPAN Market, you will not be disappointed!

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