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A blast from the past – Retro Gaming will take you back!

We have some big news for all the gamers out there!

Retro Gaming will be back this summer with some seriously なつかしい games for
HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019!
Let Retro Gaming take you back to days gone by and remind you of gaming with your friends in past summers.

While today’s latest games may be way more advanced and super sophisticated with all of modern gaming’s best features, its hard not to get excited and even a little nostalgic about these old school classic titles that you may not have even thought about for years.

Check out our selection of truly retro games and see if you still have what it takes!
Can you still beat the bosses and monsters that you took down with ease in your youth? Do you still have the skills you and your friends worked so hard for so many hours, days and weeks to perfect all those years ago?
Show off what you can do and maybe re-discover a lost treasure with Retro Gaming at HYPER JAPAN!