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SHOHJYOTAI: A Legend Is Reborn!


Witness the rebirth of one of J-POP’s most iconic names of the 1980s at this year’s HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market, as the new line-up of SHOHJYOTAI take to the stage. Though they take their name from a hugely popular band from 30 years ago, these three young girls, the eldest of whom is still only 16, have been making waves in their own right. They recently performed at ChinaJoy 2016 in Shanghai, which is the largest gaming and digital entertainment exhibition in China. Their musical style takes everything that made their 1980s namesakes so popular and brings it bang up to date.


SHOHJYOTAI, or Girl’s Group, is a name synonymous with the 1980s golden age of pop idols in Japan. The original band debuted in 1984, and had a string of successful hits before disbanding in 1989. In Spring 2015, the new line-up appeared, comprising Saya Nishino, Hazuki Kimura and Minami Kawano, with an average age of 13. They have since released songs including Golden Road, The Future Is Waiting and Forever.