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The ODAIBA CosPlay Zone

HYPER JAPAN loves our CosPlay friends and visitors and we have been working hard together this summer to make HYPER JAPAN the home of CosPlay in London! Take a look at our CosPlay pages to see more about what is happening at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019 for CosPlayers,

HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019 is proud to present the ODAIBA CosPlay Zone, bringing everything CosPlay together in its own dedicated zone for the first time ever at a HYPER JAPAN event.
The ODAIBA CosPlay Zone is the place to be to meet and hangout with all your CosPlayer friends, compare and compliment eachother’s costumes and get new ideas for the future. We will also be hosting CosPlay Panel Discussions, with CosPlay experts and leading CosPlayers speaking about the latest important issues in the CosPlay community.

The ODAIBA CosPlay Zone will also be home to our new repair stations, with advice and help on hand and everything you might need to deal with any kind of CosPlay disaster or emergency that might happen to your costume at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019.

Exploring the ODAIBA CosPlay Zone, as well as finding CosPlayer friends and rivals, the repair stations and panel discussions,  you will also find various sections of the HYPER Wall photo spots to take pictures looking fabulous togeter and the CosPlay Fan Space where you will be able to relax and enjoy CosPlaying all weekend.

The CosPlay calendar at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019 would of course not be complete without our signature CosPlay events, the COSTest and COSParade. Don’t miss the amazing talent, dedication and skill on display from our awesome CosPlayers at these very popular events.

CosPlay is a key part of who we are as HYPER JAPAN and from first-timers and those who are still wondering how to move forward with their CosPlay dreams, right through to experienceced CosTest veterans and CosPlayers who can become experts and pass on their skills and knowledge, we welcome every CosPlayer to come and enjoy the ODAIBA CosPlay Zone at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019!


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