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Tokyo’s Snoopy Museum is coming home

As the first Museum outside of America representing the world-famous comic strip “Peanuts” by Charles M. Schulz, The Snoopy Museum Tokyo opened its doors to the public in late April 2016. Unfortunately, as it was only a temporary placement, said exhibitions ceased to be available last September, leaving fans of the artist’s work distraught…well, initially at least. After this sadness had passed, a little further research revealed that the museum was actually being moved over from the Roppongi district to Machida…and the plans for it boast a whole host of improvements!

As could be seen in the previous Museum, a wide variety of Schulz’s work will be on display, including comic strips representing how his style and characters developed, never-before seen artwork and even showings of animations and interviews with people involved in the Peanuts universe.

The new Museum is said to be opening around autumn this year in “Minami-Machida Grandberry Park”, a site still under construction itself. Because there will be far more space available here, there will be even more exhibits and opportunities available for prospective visitors, including workshops and even classes to teach students English (using the original Schulz comics as references). In addition, a café featuring original Peanuts-related menu items will open, as well as the obligatory souvenir store not too far away, containing enough adorably witty merchandise to tempt anyone and everyone.

As can be seen in the concept designs, the entire area outside will be lush with greenery, creating a friendly atmosphere for all! For now, there have been travelling exhibitions announced to make up for the museum’s temporary absence, both of which are being held at the beginning of this year (in Osaka from around April to June and then in Nagoya from the end of June to September).

Snoopy and The Peanuts Gang remain firmly within the heart of Japan, illustrated by the numerous collaboration cafés, the vast array of original merchandise available and even a hotel dedicated to them – so no doubt fans young and old will flock to the new museum upon its return.


Original source: Asahi
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