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Are you ready for the HYPER HADO Tournament?

We announced earlier this month that HADO will be coming to HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019 and have already had a huge response from fans and new recruits alike. For those of you who already know all about HADO and can’t wait to get involved,
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To help you all get ready for the HYPER HADO Tournament, we’re going to explain a bit more about what HADO is and how it all works.

HADO is an augmented reality sports gaming system where teams of up to three members battle each other in augmented reality.
Each player starts with four Hit Points which are lost when they take a direct hit from the opposing team.
Every time a player loses all their Hit Points, the rival team gets a Match Point and the team with the most Match Points at the end of the 80-second battle wins the game.
Take a look at this YouTube video to get an idea of how HADO game-play works in the augmented reality.

Players can recharge, attack the opposing team and deploy shields by moving the wearable AR system on their wrists. Through the AR headset, players can see how much time is left in the game, check their shield levels, where they should be aiming and how many lives they have left.

Players can alter their attributes to suit their style of play. You can be an all-rounder, sniper, shooter or tank. Check out this graphic for more details about strategies and play styles.

We will be posting more information and details of the HYPER HADO Tournament in the next few weeks so keep checking this site and HYPER JAPAN social media for new posts.
Good Luck for the HYPER HADO Tournament!

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About HADO
HADO UK based at Grange Live Gaming in Birmingham is the first, of hopefully many, HADO arenas in the UK. HADO is an Augmented Reality Techno Sport, created in Tokyo, and now spreading world wide.