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Be safe, Be smart

We all want to have the best time and enjoy HYPER JAPAN!

However there are a few things that you need to do to remain safe and genki (happy and healthy!)

Replica Weapons

“Following recent incidents in London this year, and following close discussions with Metropolitan Police and the campaign for “Safer London”, regretfully Olympia London will not allow any visitors access to the Venue with any form of replica weapon. It is advisable that you do not travel to the venue carrying any replica weapons or items that could be deemed offensive or inappropriate for a family event.”

  • No toy guns
  • No water pistols
  • No foam swords, bought or homemade
  • No replica guns
  • No replica grenades or other explosives
  • No replica swords. 
  • No singing magic swords


Bag Searches

Bag searches will be carried out at the entrance and the organiser reserves the right to prohibit any items that are considered offensive or could cause harm. Prohibited items will be held by the organiser’s and can be collected from the Organiser’s Office when leaving.

Heat and Bottled Water

It may get hot within the venue, please make sure to always carry a bottle of water. If you’re feeling faint or ill please come to the Organiser’s Office, which is located on the ground floor of the Olympia National. Bottled water will be sold at all Olympia official food stands.

Thieves and Pickpockets: Be Aware

Never leave your bag or any valuables unattended at the event. The Organisers will not take responsibility for any items lost or stolen. Stay vigilant and be aware!
If an item is lost or stolen on the day you can report it at the Organisers Office.

Sexual Harassment: What To Do

If you are made to feel uncomfortable, are harassed, followed or touched onsite please do not stay silent. Please immediately inform HYPER JAPAN staff or onsite security at the Organiser’s Office. Do not try to physically confront the person. People found to be sexually harassing others will be escorted off-site and refused reentry for the rest of the event and any subsequent events.

Alcohol: Drink Safe

Please drink responsibly.
HYPER JAPAN will operate a Challenge 25 policy during the event, so those who are particularly youthful in appearance may be asked for proof of age.
HYPER JAPAN reserves the right to refuse service of alcohol to customers.
Please be considerate of others when consuming alcohol as many visitors will be underage.
Visit for more information.