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Bentenya: Making chindonya look kawaii!

Note: This page is from a previous year’s HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market event, please see our schedule for an up-to-date list of performances and activities.


Get ready for a blast of quirky-cuteness all the way from Japan, in the form of the lovely ladies of the chindonya group BENTENYA!

If at this point you don’t know what chindonya is, don’t worry. The art of chindonya is a decidedly odd yet cherished part of Japanese culture. In a nutshell, it is street advertising,  where gaudily-dressed performers hawk a product or service for a client, all while a cheerful musical ensemble plays in the background. The art of chindonya started in the waning days of the Edo shogunate and saw its peak in the postwar period. While TV and the internet have largely made street advertising a thing of the past, the movement has experienced a resurgence in recent years.

bentenya_square - resizedIt is from this resurgence that Nagoya-based chindonya “BENTENYA” was born and they are coming to HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market to grace the LIVE.JAPAN stage this November! Bentenya is no ordinary chindonya group, oh no. Turning the traditional image of chindonya on its head, Bentenya boasts an all-female lineup lead by Suzie, bringing a hefty amount of style, glamour and kawaii cuteness to any stage. Be it their bright kimonos, outlandishly-colored hair, or their unabashedly upbeat performances – BENTENYA will grab your inner child and get you moving like there’s no tomorrow. You’ll definitely see them coming, and hear them coming even before that!


Formed in 2008 as an amateur group, BENTENYA went professional in 2011. Over the past four years, they’ve built an impressive streak of wins in both local and national competitions. They’ve also appeared on stage events, television programs and as guests on radio programs. Did we mention they’ve been featured numerous times in newspapers across Japan? Culminating this steady stream of buzz is their win at the National Chindon Contest in May, and several appearances at the 2015 Milan Expo Japan Pavilion. With HYPER JAPAN this November, 2015 is sure to be a banner year for the amazingly talented ladies of BENTENYA.