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Visit Dreamy Bows for cute Japanese street fashion at HYPER JAPAN

Dreamy Bows is a UK-based shop specialising in a range of cute Japanese street fashion styles including Harajuku Punk, Fairy Kei, Yami and Yume Kawaii, Pastel Goth, and casual kawaii. Their aim is to offer J-fashion followers in Europe a wide selection of unique and hard-to-find Japanese fashion and beauty items, without the fees and shipping issues associated with buying straight from Japan.

Dreamy Bows are proud to be the exclusive UK distributors for 6%DOKIDOKI, the most iconic Japanese Fashion brand in all of Harajuku, and LISTEN FLAVOR, a popular long-running edgy-kawaii Harajuku brand. They have also recently expanded their list of well-known Japanese clothing brands to include ACDC RAG, a brand known for their fun and bright quirky prints. Dreamy Bows will be bringing their biggest range of ACDC RAG to HYPER JAPAN this Summer.

At a previous HYPER JAPAN event, Dreamy Bows brought famous Harajuku model, Haruka Kurebayashi, all the way over from Japan to the UK for HYPER JAPAN to launch their exclusive collaboration range with Kurebayashi’s own fashion brand, 90884.. Items in the Dreamy Bows x 90884 range will still be available for purchase at the 2019 Hyper Japan event! Be sure to follow @dreamybows on Instagram for more updates on their HYPER JAPAN pop-up!

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