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Glorious Food at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019

Japan has many, many sides to its deep and rich culture that different people find appealing, interesting and endearing in their own ways. One thing, however that unites almost all Japanophiles is a love of Japanese food and drink, and this summer’s HYER JAPAN Festival has all Japanese cuisine to delight everyone.

For the serious foodies, the Japan Food Show presented by Harro Foods provides an incredible chance to try rare and unusual things that are often unavailable in the UK, meet other Japanese food fans as well as industry experts, get hints and tips and find out about food trends in Japan and totally indulge your love of Japanese food.

The HYPER Kitchen at EAT-JAPAN Live! is also a fantastic place to pick up handy hints and learn how to make your own Japanese feasts at home. With demonstrations and workshops from fantastic chefs and leading Japanese food brands, as well as an interesting and informative see seminar, it really something not t on be missed!

And on the subject of sake, the HYPER JAPAN Sake Experience is back for Festival 2019 and its bigger and better than ever before. We have 27 different sakes from nine sake breweries located all over Japan and representing many different types and tastes of sakes. Whether you are an experienced sake connoisseur or your just starting out on your journey of sake appreciation, this year’s Sake Experience is an incredible chance to deepen your knowledge, find out more about what’s available and about your own preferences, and most importantly, have fun trying some excellent sakes.

With all of the food and drink demonstrations, seminars, workshops and tastings going on in different parts of London Olympia for HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019, everyone is bound to feel hunger strike at one point or another, or if you’re like me, pretty much all of the time! When you do find yourself feeling a little peckish, just head towards the incredible sights, sounds and smells of the EAT-JAPAN Live! Food Court.
This is the place at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019 to indulge your love for Japanese food an drink as much as you like and enjoy some of the fabulous and delicious delicacies on offer from some incredible exhibitors, with everything from grilled beef to bubble waffles, and fruit tea to yakisoba noodles.

And if all of this fabulous food is still not enough, we have a whole host of food and drink available across all areas of HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019 that can you can take home to0 enjoy later or another day, or if you’re feeling particularly kind and generous, could even be given as omiyage style gifts to your friends and family. You can find tasty treats to take home from famous brands such as Mio Sparkling Sake, Minamoto Kitchoan, The Camden Tea Company, Wagashi Japanese Bakery, and many, many more.

We hope that all lovers of Japanese food will find something they love or maybe something new at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019!

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