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Highlights from the HYPER JAPAN Artist Fringe Market

The HYPER JAPAN Artist Fringe Market is a fascinating place filled with talented artists and their beautiful works.
This year’s Artist Fringe Market brings together an eclectic group of  artists from near and far, working in all kinds of different media, all with a passion for Japan.

There is a huge variety of talent on display throughout the Artist Fringe Market and everyone will undoubtedly find their favourites.
We’ve picked out a tiny selection here to show you some of what’s on offer this summer so please take a look at the Artist Fringe Market page for more details on all the artists.

Gleamy Guts

Gleamy Guts is an artist from the Netherlands who specializes in creepy cute art inspired by menhera and anime culture. They create colorful and diverse characters, telling their stories with the aid of zines, comics and more. They also like to dabble in handmade crafts such as pins, charms and handpainted bags. Do stop by if you love weird but cute art!

Damnation Party

Damnation Party is a brand new company, made by Leo Magus who has been in the cosplay and anime community for more than 10 years. They will be selling a new spin on their wares this HYPER JAPAN, including pastel badges, pastel stickers, their iconic Kermit merchandise (including t-shirts!), cosplay prints, cosplay badges, anime merchandise (badges, stickers etc), TV series merchandise and more!

New Arts Old Crafts

New Arts Old Crafts is a meeting place for traditional Japanese culture, artistic expression and the joy of having your own symbol of thoughtfulness and closeness to nature. Most of their kakemonos are inspired by haikus written by great masters like Basho, Issa or Buson – or feature kanji like the seasons, enso or makoto – symbolising truth and honour. They also create origami oyster holders and wallets. Their products are all 100% handmade and 100% in awe of Japanese aesthetics.

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