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Submit your art to the HYPER Anime Contest!

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the first ever HYPER JAPAN back in 2010 we are inviting you, our incredible fans, to design a special poster for next year’s HYPER JAPAN as part of the HYPER Anime Contest.
If you would like to get involved, click here for more information.

The winner of the HYPER JAPAN category of the HYPER Anime Contest, whose design will be used for HYPER JAPAN 2020, could see their design in A0 size or bigger at the event next summer and all over the internet and social media as well as on the London Underground and local trains and posted at various sites across the UK.

The S&B Curry Category is based around delicious Japanese curry and katsu curry.
All kinds of curry-themed graphics are welcome and some of the entries we have seen so far have been amazingly imaginative and interesting takes on the yummy theme.
The winner of the S&B Curry Category will take part in the 2020 Pop Art Award and could see their graphic turned into an animation and used as part of S&B Foods online marketing campaigns.

Since launching the HYPER Anime Contest in association with S&B Foods we have had loads of fantastic entries and we look forward to receiving many more in the weeks to come.
Don’t miss this amazing chance to take part in a major competition and have your work seen be thousands of people.
Click for more information and to apply.