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Festival 2019: Back at the Olympia!!

HYPER JAPAN Festival is returning to the Olympia Grand for Festival 2019!! Although it feels like not too long ago, it’s actually been 3 years since Olympia Grand was the home of Festival 2016.

This July, Festival 2019 will be taking over both the Ground and Gallery level of the Olympia Grand! We’ll also be taking over both levels of the the Olympia West, but the Ground level will be used for queuing purposes. We’ve laid out the rough outlines of what to expect.

Olympia Grand: Ground Level

The main floor of HYPER JAPAN! This is where you’ll find the big stands with the latest gadgets, games, toys and more! You’ll also find the HYPER Live! Stage, the J-Culture Showcase, the Cosplay desk, the Meet & Greet, the Maid Cafe, and a few dozen or so other fun exhibition booths. We’ll also have the Kids Activity Zone here, but that’s for another day ? The Ground Level will be divided into four distinct zones: The “Asakusa” Culture Zone, the “Akihabara” Game & Anime Zone, the “Harajuku” Fashion & Kawaii Zone, and HYPER Live! Stage. Did we mention we’re going to be having a Japanese Garden and a Bonsai display here too? Well, yes we are.

Olympia Grand: Gallery Level

The Gallery is where the heart of the HYPER Community will be! You’ll find the table merchandisers and the Artist Fringe Market up here, as well as the HYPER Street Live mini-stage! We’re also planning on having fan panels in the Gallery, but well away from the HYPER Live! stage? The balustrade makes for a perfect perch from which to people watch and observe the world go by. There’ll also be seating areas for those who want to rest their weary feet, or have a bite to eat.

Olympia West: Upper Level

Accessible via the Grand Gallery, the Olympia West is where you find all things food and drink! In fact, we’re smack dab in the middle of rebranding th…… we’ll keep this a secret until we’re ready to announce it properly. For now, if you’re feeling hungry or thirsty, or want to learn about Japanese food and drink, this is the place to be.

Olympia West: Ground Level

The Ground Level of the Olympia West is where you’ll be entering HYPER JAPAN through, so think queues and tickets, bag checks and wristbands. A must-visit for those who love queuing or airport security checks. Our friendly sniffer dogs will patrolling the area so say hi when you see these adorable puppies. Just remember, they’re professionals with a job to do!

Enter via Olympia West

Entry to HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019 will be via Olympia West. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the entrance to the West, it’s on the West side of the venue, naturally ? From the Kensington (Olympia) Overground station, you’ll have to swing around the building. From the main Hammersmith Road, you’ll head up the side road across the street from the TESCO. The entrance is accessible and has lifts to the upper floor.