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Create your own Japanese feast with SOZAI Cooking School in the HYPER Kitchen

SOZAI Cooking School is the UK’s leading Japanese cooking school and their instructors are experts not only in preparing delicious Japanese dishes but in showing others how they can do the same and create a Japanese feast of their own at home.

This summer in the HYPER Kitchen, SOZAI Cooking School’s talented chefs will be demonstrating how to make sushi rice, sashimi, decorative sushi and temakizushi sushi balls.

The audience for these demonstrations will be given the opportunity to try some samples of each dish and a lucky few will even be able to take part in a competition and create their own temakizushi.
The winners can look forward to some exciting prizes from SOZAI.

Take a look at the HYPER Kitchen page for more about this and many other fascinating Japanese food workshops all weekend at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019.

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