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Take on all comers and win at the HYPER HADO Tournament

The HYPER HADO Tournament is coming to HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019 and we’re all getting very excited to see this incredible Augmented Reality sports gaming system in action.
We’ve already had lots of interest in HADO and the HYPER HADO Tournament from all kinds of people but there is still time to take get involved.
First-time players are just as welcome to enter as HADO regulars. Everyone will be shown how it works and given lots of practice time before the tournament so you really don’t need to have played before to have a great chance!

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The HYPER HADO Tournament will take place throughout the HYPER JAPAN weekend with separate tournaments during each of the Friday, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon and Sunday sessions.
Up to eight teams can take part in each tournament and the winner of each tournament will receive a free place in the UK qualifying tournaments for the HADO World Cup!


Each team taking part in HYPER HADO Tournament should have three to five members, with three players on the pitch and up to two substitutes. You can’t substitute players during play but changes are allowed between your tournament matches.
Tournament matches last 80-seconds each and can go into overtime in the case of a draw after 80-seconds.
Tournaments will last for one and a half hours each session.

Game Play

At the beginning of every match, each player has four Hit Points, which are lost when they take a direct hit from an opponent.
When a player loses all four of their Hit Points they are knocked out and cannot play for three seconds. After three seconds, they return to active play with another four Hit Points.
Teams earn one Match Point each time an opposing-team member loses all four of their Hit Points and is knocked out.
The team with the most Match Points after 80-seconds (or after overtime) is the winner.

Tournament places will be limited to eight teams per session so don’t miss your chance to get involved and try out HADO at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019!
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About HADO
HADO UK based at Grange Live Gaming in Birmingham is the first, of hopefully many, HADO arenas in the UK. HADO is an Augmented Reality Techno Sport, created in Tokyo, and now spreading world wide.