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Have fun at the HYPER Wall!

HYPER JAPAN is constantly changing and evolving with new additions and innovations appearing each year.
One of the biggest new ideas for HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019 is the
introduction of the HYPER Wall.

The HYPER Wall is a series of themed photo spaces all over the London Olympia venue for HYPER JAPAN. We know that so many of you come in incredible costumes and outfits and really want to take pictures. There should be no more need this year to search around for a good place for a picture or a selfie, you can use the HYPER Wall!

The HYPER Wall will be free to use for everyone all weekend and we hope you will all use it so much we have to make an even bigger HYPER Wall next year!

As the HYPER Wall is something brand new for HYPER JAPAN, we don’t want to give away too much about it before doors open but we can tell you some of the themes that have been chosen for the HYPER Wall with a lot of help from our followers on social media.
There will be a classroom wall, a kawaii wall and a battlefield scene as well as walls designed by SEGA, S&B Foods and Kikkoman. There will also be some plainer HYPER Walls that can be used as simpler “selfie spots” all weekend.
Along with the HYPER Wall, this year’s HYPER JAPAN will also play host to a Kawaii Photo Studio. Complete with real furniture and cute background images, the Kawaii Photo Studio will also have all kinds of kawaii props to make your pictures more interesting.

Take a picture at your favourite HYPER Wall or spend the weekend getting pictures in front of all of them. Feel free to use the HYPER Wall as you wish and enjoy one of HYPER JAPAN’s newest innovations.

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