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IA, A New Synthesised Starlet Appearing On Stage

Note: This page is from a previous year’s HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market event, please see our schedule for an up-to-date list of performances and activities.

ia_rocks_creditedThis guest is an unusual one; the Japanese artist born from VOCALOID technology, IA! Her voice source is “Lia”, a Grammy-award winning artist who has sung a number of anime theme songs. At her launch, IA won first place in the Amazon music production software rankings, and related videos now have over 100 million views online.

IA’s full-scale launch as an artist was in 2013. Boasting the largest sales for a Japanese motorsports “SUPER GT” official theme song for the second year running, there was also a collaboration with the game “GROOVE COASTER”, the hit anime “Mekakucity Actors”, and a CD included with the last volume of the “Evangelion” Manga. In 2015, more than 47,000 people watched a live web-streaming IA anniversary event, and her debut live TV appearance on “IA-Chan” received a great response, trending on Twitter etc. IA’s activities aren’t limited to Japan: she’s sold out live events overseas.
IA_LIVE0919_1croppedIn July, the game “IA/ VT –COLORFUL-“ was released for Playstation® Vita, awarded first place in the Japanese “Weekly Famitsu” Magazine and ranking second on the Playstation® store.

IA will be making her UK debut on our Live.Japan stage on Saturday at 20:00 and Sunday at 10:00. Also, there’ll be a booth selling an amazing selection of official IA goods at our Christmas Market for the very first time in the UK! There will even be meet & greet photo opportunities with her stage dancers, who’ll be cosplaying as IA herself, after each stage performance. For a teaser of the show, you can check out the video and her official site below to see what you can expect when IA arrives in London for our HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market!

Sales Booth:

  • Selling CDs, DVDs and official IA goods all weekend!


  • Saturday: 20:00 on Live.Japan Stage
  • Sunday: 10:00 on Live.Japan Stage

Meet and Greet:

  • Sunday: 11:00 in Meet & Greet Area