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Really look the part at HYPER JAPAN with Kimono de Go

Japanese kimonos are beautiful works of art with intricate detailing and made to the highest standards of craftsmanship. But, these stunning works of art are made to be worn and we are thrilled that Kimono de Go will be coming back to HYPER JAPAN this summer with their incredible collection of vintage kimonos.


Kimono de Go will be offering HYPER JAPAN visitors the chance to wear some of their amazing kimonos and have pictures taken in full Japanese dress.
Kimono de Go’s experts will of course be on hand all weekend to help you choose and get dressed the right way.

This summer at HYPER JAPAN, Kimono de Go will be offering a special new opportunity to up to two guests per day. For just £100 you can will be professionally dressed in vintage kimono, have you hair expertly set in traditional Japanese style and have your photographs taken like a Japanese Maiko.

Visit Kimono de Go at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019, browse their wonderful collection and create fantastic memories for yourself and your friends in authentic Japanese waso (和装) costumes.

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Founded in 2005, Kimono De Go offers professional kimono fitting services for all ages, as well as makeup and hairstyling services. Sourcing high-quality vintage kimono of varying styles and period designs, Kimono De Go aims to spread kimono culture in the UK.