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Miura Ayme has a message for you!

This just in! Miura Ayme noticed our announcement of his upcoming performance at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019 and sent over a video message. Check it out below!

Visual-kei is that beautiful fusion of good music and good looks and that’s exactly what we’ve got this summer on the HYPER Live! Stage with Miura Ayme!!! We’re talking about one seriously non-stop heart-pounding, high-energy performance.

It’s not just about the music; it’s also about looking good while belting out the music. Well since Miura Ayme’s a bona fide cosplayer, we think he’s got the visual aspects down perfectly. Just look at this Youtube video!

Although Miura Ayme’s debut as a solo artist was in 2018, he’s the former vocalist for Visual-kei “Ecthelion” and earned his stripes at over 200 live performances, 4 single tracks, two albums and a DVD! Not only an artist, Miura Ayme is also a professional actor and cosplayer, and his activities have taken him in recent years to international events such as JAPANICON, JAPAN EXPO, and Taiwan’s Crazy Friday!