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NeoBallad’s Unique Sound Has UK Debut


Take some traditional Japanese folk music, add in a dash of modern rock and techno influences, and what do you have? The refreshingly original sound of NeoBallad, that’s what! You can experience their unique musical cocktail for yourself at this year’s HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market in their first ever performance in the UK.

In keeping with the festive theme, NeoBallad have promised us some Christmas songs interpreted using Japanese instruments such as the shamisen and koto, alongside English renditions of Japanese folk songs. The duo would also like to provide some elementary dance lessons, so that the HYPER JAPAN audience can bop along with them.


NeoBallad was formed in 2012 by two musicians with contrasting musical backgrounds. Wataru Kamiryo was a drummer and music producer specialising in digital percussion instruments, while singer Sachi Wakasa had been the national folk singing champion as a child. They have since gained widespread acclaim by introducing their unique blend of traditional and modern styles to audiences across Japan and further afield.