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And now the voting starts for the best Nekomimi (cat ears)?

If you know Japan, then it won’t surprise you that nekomimi cat-ears and poetry go hand in hand. That’s right, the 14th annual “Otaku-Senryu Award” and “Nekomimi Character” contests are here!

For those of you unaware of what this is, the “Otaku-Senryu Award” is a poetry contest that combines traditional poetry with (you guessed it!) Otaku memes and themes. The “Nekomimi Character” is a popularity contest to see which 2D and 3D “nekomimi” (猫耳) cat ear characters the otaku community votes for.

The contests are being sponsored by Interlink, the company behind the domain “.moe” and the voting period begins today! Head over to the contest webpage and vote for your favourite 2D and 3D character today! You can access the contest page here.

The 2D characters shortlist was selected from a pool of over 500 entries!

The 3D character shortlist!

Source: PR Times
[Original article in Japanese]