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OZEKI Sake at the HYPER JAPAN Sake Shop

This year’s Sake Experience sees the most types of sake ever at HYPER JAPAN and will of course be a fantastic event filled with delicious sake and interesting conversation with brewers.

For those who want to take some sake back home we will also have a well-stocked and reasonable sake shop at HYPER JAPAN where you can choose a bottle of your favourite tipple.

Japan’s Ozeki sake brewery has a long and distinguished history of brewing delicious sake in Hyogo prefecture’s famous Nada sake district. Ozeki will be bringing three of their most popular drinks to HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019 and we are sure they will all be big hits.

Kanjuku Umeshu is a perfumed and perfectly ripe fruit liqueur that evokes amaretto and marzipan. It is best served chilled and goes wonderfully well with dark chocolate cake.

Ikezo Yuzu is a yuzu-infused sparkling sake liqueur. It has a unique jelly formulation, creating a texture explosion of gently sweet, citrus bubbles on your tongue and works well as a pre-dinner drink.

Hana-Fuga Peach is light, bright and refreshing, with creamy bubbles hinting at velvety custard and lush peach sorbet. Its sweet fragrance brings to mind peach iced-tea, lychee and longan fruit yogurt candy. It pairs perfectly with fruity desserts.

Make some time to try Ozeki’s sake at HYPER JAPAN and maybe find a new favourite drink.

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