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Summer of CosPlay at HYPER JAPAN

This year’s HYPER JAPAN is focusing hard on CosPlay and we’re really excited!
HYPER JAPAN loves CosPlay and we know that so many of you do too. We’re looking forward to some amazing CosPlay at Festival 2019!

CosPlay at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019 will be happening throughout Olympia London but the biggest events are going to be centred around the ODAIBA CosPlay Zone, complete with Repair Stations, CosPlay Guests and HYPER Wall Photo Spots as well as all kinds of CosPlay booths and exhibitors.

HYPER JAPAN’s famous COSTest  on Sunday and COSParade on Saturday afternoon are the highlights of the weekend for a lot of CosPlayers whether taking part, supporting friends or watching the incredible display of talent and creativity on stage.

Applications are still welcome if you fancy taking part in either the COSParade or COSTest . Click on the links for more information.
We also want to encourage everyone to take part in these fantastic shows from the audience too. Please come along in your very own CosPlay to watch, encourage and support the COSTesters and COSParaders.

Join us for CosPlay fun this summer at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2019!