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Taijyu Fujiyama Casts A Spell Over Christmas Market


Spellbinding young magician Taijyu Fujiyama will be amazing the crowds with displays of the traditional Japanese magic known as Tezuma at this year’s HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market. Tezuma has evolved as a distinctive form of magic where, it is said, the hands move as fast as lightning. Taijyu will be performing a number of jaw-dropping tricks, including making Japanese umbrellas appear from this air and making faces change in the blink of an eye.


Born in Tokyo in 1987, Taijyu Fujiyama is one of Japan’s most exciting young magicians, and a leading proponent of the traditional Japanese performing art of Tezuma magic both domestically and internationally. In recent years he has travelled the world showcasing his talents at magic conventions and other events in America, Asia and Europe.