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THE HOOPERS are Hot and Happening Headliners



We are thrilled to announce that excitingly androgynous J-POP sensations THE HOOPERS will be headlining the HYPER JAPAN Christmas Market.  It comes at an exciting time for the band, who describe themselves as “eight girls dressed as beautiful boys,” as their debut album is released at the end of September.

Cross-gender performing has a long and distinguished tradition in Japan, from men portraying women as onnagata in kabuki theatre through to female performers taking on a male persona in the famous Takarazuka Revue. The Hoopers give this tradition a stimulating twist for a new generation. Their unique appeal lies in the way they combine boyishly acrobatic dancing with a sexy, feminine performance.


THE HOOPERS released their debut single, “Itoshikoishi Kun Love”, back in March 2015, and have since released a further four singles. Starting off as a seven-piece group, an eighth member, Cecil, joined the band during 2015. Their career steps up a gear in September when their first album, entitled FANTASIA, and accompanying DVD, are released.